Life is constantly changing. For instance, on Saturday, all the plumbing at my house worked, and I could shower without a care in the world.

On Sunday, my apartment pipe system blocked, and human excrement began to over flow from my drain and slowly climb the walls of my bathtub. Now life will never be the same, and I have change to thank for that. Artist and photographer Aaron Farley is also in debt to the C man, at least for the name of his new show at Galerie102. Titled ‘Constant Change’, Farley’s new work continues to explore digital photography as a medium of endless reproductions as a starting point for his subtle and alluring blocks of saturated color, light and repetition. As he continually shoots and reshoots, lights and relights, the photographs take on a distinct life of their own. Whatever’s going on, prepare to be awed when you see them in the flesh. Trying to explain Farley’s work is a bit like trying to explain what three years worth of main-line pipe cloggage looks like as it starts erupting from your bathtub drain. You just have to see it to believe it.

“Constant Change,” a solo show of new works by photographer Aaron Farley, opens at galerie102 this Saturday, June 27th, with an artist’s reception from 5-7pm. Galerie102 is located at 102 W. Matilija st., Ojai, CA 93023



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