Aaron Farley

b. 1975, Spokane, WA, USA
Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, USA

Artist Statement

I’m interested in photography as a meditation on what is real. When looking through the viewfinder and cropping out the rest of the world, a whole new reality comes to life. Then, what emerges as the print, is its own object, seperate from the subject. When a photograph is creased or reshot over and over it becomes an object in itself and shows a different dimension.

The generations images are not photographs of a real scene. The original photos show water and clouds and these are photographs of those images, turned on their side, moved, reshot, reflected and reprinted to create a different scene which still looks and feels familiar and real. The multiple generations that the photographs go through bring memories and feelings of past real scenes.

Folds take the preciousness from the print and allow the work to be its own piece. Once a photograph is folded it becomes an object. A straight photograph is more of a feeling than it is an object.

A traditional photographic print is about the subject matter of the image and the paper it is printed on is usually thought of less than that subject matter. But when you bend the photograph, the crease and the paper become part of the conversation and that adds dimension both physical and emotional to the image.


1993-1998 BFA with an Emphasis in Photography and Printmaking – Washington State University

THIS Los Angeles – Gallery Partner/Curator -2009-2013

Group Exhibitions


THIS Los Angeles – Friends Show, Los Angeles, CA

Space 1026 – Philidelphia, PA

Space 1520 – Anywhere But Here, Los Angeles, CA

Guerrero Gallery – Milk & Honey, San Francisco, CA


THIS Los Angeles – Friends Show, Los Angeles, CA

RVCA Haight/Ashbury Gallery, San Francisco, CA

PDN – The Curator -, Brooklyn, NY

Natives, A Group Show  – Los Angeles, CA


THIS Los Angeles – Friends Show, Los Angeles, CA

ACE Hotel – Friends show New York, NY


Manifest Equality, Los Angeles, CA

THIS Los Angeles -Friends Show, Los Angeles, CA

THIS Los Angeles – Collage, Los Angeles, CA

Re:Form School – The Hole,  New York, NY

THIS Los Angeles – Transplants, Los Angeles, CA

RVCA Haight/Ashbury Gallery – San Francisco, CA

Honors Awards

PDN – The Curator – 2012


Milk and Honey – Contemporary Art in California – Ammo Books 2012

PDN Magazine – Fine Art Issue – Curator Awards- July 2012