Ashley Macomber: Beauty and The Beast
Fine artist Ashley Macomber is rendering the details of what it means to be a woman in a world of extremes.

Huck Magazine - Ashley Macomber

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Britt Ehringer: Deconstructing the Ridiculous and the Raunchy
little-friends_300pxWith the senseless onslaught of billboard advertisements and colorful fliers consistently pummeling potential consumers’ eyes, the cityscape can feel like an urban sea of vast consumerism. Residing just outside the periphery of lives in perpetual motion, visual artist and co-founder of the renowned art collective Namaak Britt Ehringer constructs the layers of these lives in flux by deconstructing the elements birthed from the fornication of pop culture and consumerism into urban life.

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Aaron Farley framed photos“Having built up an impressive commercial portfolio including clients like Samsung, Puma and Adidas, Aaron has mastered the ability to capture the free spirited and sun-laden lifestyle of California culture. Radiating portraits illuminated by streaks of golden hour. Perfect captures of what it feels like racing to squeezing in that last adventure before summer’s end.”

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Sculptor Jon Rajkovich’s solo show
Jon Rajkovich poster