Constant Change

June 27 – July 26, 2015

Aaron Farley, photography

Artist’s Opening Reception:
Sat., June 27, 5 – 7pm


galerie102 is pleased to present “Constant Change,” a solo show of new works by photographer Aaron Farley, opening Saturday, June 27thwith an artist’s reception from 5-7pm.

In “Constant Change,” photographer Aaron Farley’s first solo show with the gallery, he continues to explore digital photography as a medium of endless reproductions to a starting point for his subtle and alluring blocks of saturated color, light and repetition. Farley’s all new work, just as his popular folded series, furthers his expression of manipulating the medium of literal photography to arrive at his own version of an image. By manipulating the lighting and continually shooting and reshooting, lighting and relighting the photographs take on a distinct life of their won. Often, the work moves deftly from 2D to 3D space and back to 2D creating a multitude of layers in the final outcome as a conceptual treatise on his perspective of the lack of truth and the malleability of a photographic image.

“In the past, I wasn’t completely comfortable showing straight subject based photography. It didn’t feel like the whole story for me. I realized that seeing the evidence of other artists’ processes would take me further into their work and I was only showing my eye, not my process. In my work I am telling the story of the process of my photography, from production through reproduction to the display. I’m interested in pushing the line between photograph and object. With digital photography, the moment is gone by the time the image is recorded, making the photograph solely a file for reproduction. There is no original,” says Farley

Many times the original photograph is used or destroyed or just thrown back in the pile. In his Pink Yellow print reflection (above) and his Orange Purple print reflection both are shots of the same 4×6” print with glass shot within seconds of each other, each with a slightly different light change and angle they both feel and read very differently from each other. In his black and white series,Diamond 1-6, (one below) the six serene black images are each graced with opaque circles etched differently onto each piece of glass creating a dimensional juxtaposition between what’s on the paper: the photograph and what houses the photo: the frame, acknowledging the glass as part of the final piece.

“I’m working within this framework to physically manipulate my printed images and re-photograph them alone or in their own reflection to show depth and process on the flat or manipulated surface. When these images are displayed, all of the utilitarian structures of the final piece: frame, hanging material, glass, paper, fabric are considered, and the space between those objects and the photograph are used as part of the image, bringing the 3 dimensional space of the original back into consideration,” says Farley.

About Aaron Farley
Originally from Spokane, Washington (b. 1975) Aaron Farley is a busy Los Angeles commercial photographer as well as a burgeoning fine-art photographer. In 1998, Farley received his BFA with an emphasis in photography and printmaking from Washington State University, Pullman, WA. In 2014, Farley’s video installation with Ela Boyd was featured at Sediment Arts, Curio Studio in Mexicali, Mexico and expanded cities across the country. From 2010-2013, he was gallery partner in the popular Los Angeles gallery THIS where he curated and exhibited extensively. His work has been shown at THIS, Space 1026, Space 1520 in Los Angeles, Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco and at the Ace Hotel in New York City. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.