Ideal Woman

March 14 – April 12, 2015

Allie Pohl

Opening reception with Artist:
Saturday, March 14, 5 – 7pm


galerie102 is pleased to present artist Allie Pohl’s “Ideal Woman” opening March 14, 2015 with an Artist’s Reception 5-7pm.

In “Ideal Woman,” conceptual artist Allie Pohl questions society’s obsession and commercial quest for perfection taking on the ultimate purveyor of commercial femininity: Barbie. Barbie’s torso becomes the touchstone of a greater re-evaluation of societal constructs of perfection: unwanted hair, impossible body standards and what it might mean to be an ‘ideal’ woman. At stake are deeply imbedded cultural values dictated to women on a daily basis – mostly through the media barrage –as to what one must attain and maintain to be an “Ideal Woman.”

“I’ve always been interested in why we follow certain cultural trends. For example, body hair and hair removal: we remove hair from certain parts of our body and add it to others,” says Pohl. “I created the ‘Ideal Woman’ figure by scanning Barbie’s torso into the computer and digitally enhancing it to Western society’s socially constructed ideal measurements of a 36-24-36. I want the viewer to be aware of the naturally unattainable nature of this cookie-cutter form that is pervading our culture.”

Pohl uses her ceramic torsos to question the evolving trend of shrinking pubic hair—influenced by the infiltration of porn culture—presenting variations on this theme with Chia Pet growth as a stand in for pubic hair, as well as, a Jennifer Love Hewitt-version decked out with Swarovski crystals in the shape of a Brazilian bikini wax. The piece “Ideal Woman: Jennifer Love Hewitt,” refers to the trend of “vajazzling” to which the actress devoted a chapter in her book, “The Day I shot Cupid.” Pohl’s latest piece in the series “Leather and Lace,” riffs on the bondage in which women are enveloped—literally, in leather and lace –to these socially constructed ideals.

“Society holds individuals to an impossible standard and, in return, people are following the next diet or running to the plastic surgeon to reconstruct their bodies to fit into the socially constructed idea of beauty. Everyone can relate to this idea of perfection,” says Pohl. “My role as an artist is to hold a mirror up to society and to document the time I am living in. Perfection does not exist. We need to embrace the qualities and characteristics that make us individuals and question why we follow certain trends.”

About Allie Pohl
Allie Pohl (b. 1984) a Winter Park, FL native who now lives and works in Venice CA, received a Bachelor of Arts from Hamilton College before attending Parsons, The New School for Design, in New York City, where she received an AA in graphic design. She then went on to receive her MFA in Electronic Media Arts and Design from the University of Denver. Her recent installation, “Designer Ideal Woman” on view during Art Basel Miami beach at SCOPE Art Fair—was chosen by NYLON magazine as one of the highlights of Art Basel Miami Beach 2014. Her solo solo shows include Galleri Urbane, Dallas, TX; Plus Gallery, Denver, CO; Bano Gallery,Los Angeles, CA; and Art Cart, New York, NY. Her work has been exhibited in several prominent art fairs, museums and institutions across the country including Context Miami, Dallas Art Fair, The Santa Monica Museum of Art, Cornell Museum of Art and American Culture, and the Denver International Airport.