Peacocks in Flight

Erin Garcia, paintings | Allie Pohl, sculpture
March 8 – April 13, 2014
Artist Reception with Artists, March 8, 4-6pm

“Peacocks in Flight” is an exploration of how shape, form and color fuel perception through personal experience, sexual identity and popular culture. The brightly colored and bold works explore where the human capacity for abstraction and sensory desire come together. Male body parts, pulled from mannequins from three different decades and painted in the most popular car color of its day, become provocative sculptural pieces. Block forms connect and become more than the sum of their parts; both moving beyond the original intent of the shape and also advancing the concept of the shape into new and endless patterns of structure, dimension and emotion.

Originally from North Carolina, painter Erin D. Garcia is a self taught visual artist and composer based in Los Angeles. Garcia’s work is inspired and derived from classical art forms and are precise studies of shape, repetition and color and their relationship to white space and each other. A prolific public artist, whose murals are prominently featured in Los Angeles, Garcia enjoys adorning buildings with his carefully thought-out compositions of line and color. Garcia’s large-scale installations are currently on view at the 6th Street Mural wall in Downtown Los Angeles at The Standard, as well as inside the hotel at the Vertical Gallery, and on the outside façade of the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. His work has been exhibited locally at THIS, and HVW8 Galleries in Los Angeles, Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco as well as internationally at Protein Gallery in London.

Artist Allie Pohl, a Florida native who now lives and works in Venice, CA, combines a keen sense of social commentary with a quirky sense of humor in her large 3D works. For “Peacocks in Flight” she focuses on the male form and psyche; male body parts from mannequins of the 80s, 90s and 00s are stacked and painted in the most popular car color of each decade. She is concerned not only with how the male form is marketed but also how the male species markets himself. Alongside her dramatic and colorful mannequin sculptures, Pohl has created a series of oversized “merit-badges,” embroidered in the same fashion as the traditional Boy Scout version – but very large.

Pohl received her MA in Electronic Media Arts and Design from the University of Denver and her AA in Graphic Design for the Parsons the New School for Design and BA in art from Hamilton College. Her solo shows include Plus Gallery, Denver, CO, Galleri Urbane, Dallax, TX, Bano Gallery, Los Angeles, CA and Art Cart, New York, NY. Her work has been exhibited in several prominent art fairs, museums and institutions across the country including Pulse Miami, Dallas Art Fair the Santa Monica Museum of Art and the Denver International Airport.