The SoCal Experience

New Work by Britt Ehringer
June 14 – July 13, 2014

galerie102 presented Tacos@Midnight, the SoCal Experience, a solo show of new work by Britt Ehringer. The opening reception was on Saturday, June 14th. Tim Kilcoyne’s Scratch Food Truck served tacos and other delicious fare out front of the gallery during the opening reception. The exhibit was on view through July 13, 2014.

A multi-media exhibit, Tacos@Midnight featured paintings, drawings and photographs capturing the light and dark side of the idealized Southern California lifestyle. A native Californian, Ehringer grew up in Manhattan Beach in the heyday of the ever-evolving and mythical beach scene. Ehringer deftly pulls apart the idiosyncrasies of sunny SoCal life and delves into a culture built around cars, surf and perpetual sun.

“Southern California has a way of lulling people to sleep with the always sunny, euphoric beach mentality, but under the smoggy haze is a very different reality,” says Ehringer. “There’s a grit to Southern California that is a direct contrast to the almost transparent and light-hearted beach culture and the two contrasts make a very interesting artistic dichotomy.”

A self-taught artist with an irreverent pop-art sensibility and a penchant for tongue in cheek social commentary, Ehringer deftly layers color, image and social message with his multiple use of mediums that defy easy definition of his work into a specific art canon. “I really feel my work eschews a particular “art-historical definition” or vantage point from which to view it,” he says. “I see my artistic practice as a constantly evolving force.”

Ehringer employs a variety of techniques in his work, such as thick and thin painting, tearing portions of canvas from the work and multi-media assemblage to create his own unique artistic style. He examines the idea that as we age and change, our conception of the things close to us is altered as well. This notion is reflected in his works, which, even when finished, evince a sense of continuous becoming, suggesting the possibility of future growth and change.

Britt Ehringer’s work has been exhibited extensively nationally and internationally. His paintings were featured in the blockbuster Cat Art Show Los Angeles including the singular work “Say Hello to My Little Friends,” featured art in Time Magazine and an Instagram sensation. This past year, Ehringer’s popular Namaak Art Collective was featured at Bejing’s C-Space gallery and LAUNCH L.A. He was recently selected along with fellow artists Shepard Fairy and Terence Koh for inclusion as one of America’s cutting-edge creatives in DAAB publishing’s compendium GO WEST.